Easter is early…but our flowers are ready

March 11th, 2016


Ready to ship: The Bunny Bouquet for Easter & springtime occasions

Hop to it! Ordering for Easter is always easiest when you do it early. And speaking of early, Easter is Sunday, March 27th this year which is only one week after the first day of Spring. It makes me giddy to think about all the blooming that’s ahead of us!

Easter is a beautiful, fun holiday. It’s always provided lots of inspiration to work with as well as a plethora of colors and textures from which to choose. One bouquet above all others has always stood out during this time year and it’s a classic mixed bouquet, The Bunny Bouquet.  Not surprisingly, according to a National Retail Federation survey, mixed flower bouquets take the top spot in the fresh cut flowers category with consumers at Easter.

The Bunny Bouquet debuted back in 2006 when I had happened upon a pitcher with a simple rabbit depiction on it. With the addition of pastel flowers it instantly became a favorite with our customers. Its look has been updated from time to time so that it stays just as “fresh” as the flowers in the bouquet’s recipe.

Today’s design features a beautiful keepsake, hand painted pitcher filled with lots of springtime blooms. The bunny pitcher is a fine statement piece and can be enjoyed for years to come. Every time I bring my pitcher out to start the Easter celebrations I smile. It always adds brightness to my family’s day.

Please enjoy this look back to one of the very first Calyx “Bunny” designs.

The Bunny Bouquet, circa 2008

Best New Spring Flower Bouquet

March 7th, 2016

Spring 2016With the new Spring season almost upon us, you might be wondering what exactly the best new bouquet trends will be. As we get closer to that first day of Spring, you’re sure to see the arrival of pastels in shades of dusty pink, light blue, lemon yellow and cream. These sweet hues are wonderful to work with and I find the bouquets that I design bring a warmth to the room without overpowering it.

One of my favorite new looks is the brand new Springtime Garden Bouquet which is featured on our March catalog cover. Nothing says Spring quite like flowers and vegetables which is why I paired both in this stunning arrangement. The vessel is a ceramic, hand painted pitcher created in the shape of an asparagus bundle which gently reminds us of the tender spears we’re bound to find at the local farmer’s market as the spring season approaches. It’s filled with a bevy of beautiful roses and spray roses mixed with perky chrysanthemums. This combination gives a really unique look and the pitcher makes for a keepsake gift after the flowers have faded.

Inside the pages of our Spring catalog you’ll find lots of delightful, pick-me-up flower designs for the upcoming Easter holiday as well as for special occasions or just because. Once you’ve perused the pages, let us know which florals have become your favorites.

Spring 2016

Love Yellow Roses

March 3rd, 2016

4C0V00712_141202_CALYX_SLO 010

We’ve always loved yellow roses here at Calyx Flowers, especially in March when we’re on the cusp of the Spring season. Its vibrant hue brings a much needed joyfulness when you’ve had your fill of Winter and the cold weather. The yellow rose always brings inspiration and it brought the Blueberries & Sweet Cream Bouquet to life.

While fashioning the look for this springtime bouquet, I relied heavily on a blue and white palette to coordinate with the darling blueberry pitcher. The textures and layers of the bouquet were incredible but it was missing one thing. After pondering it from just about every angle I realized it needed a pop of strong color. In went three High & Yellow Magic roses and ta-da! The bouquet instantly came to life. It gave it more interest, the flowers felt special, yet it was simple enough to be a beautiful, everyday arrangement.


+ High & Yellow Magic roses
+ Delphiniums
+ Hydrangeas
+ Trachelium
+ Chrysanthemums
+ Porcelain blueberry pitcher


Valentine’s Day Inspiration

February 1st, 2016

New Fashioned Roses

We know holidays have a way of sneaking up on you. Not to worry. Our Valentine’s Day Collection is outstanding. You can send roses in almost every color of the rainbow as you can see in our New-Fashioned Rose Bouquet. Twenty one, perfect long-stemmed roses mix with rustic blue thistle to create something beautiful and unconventional. The bouquet is offered alone, in our signature glass vase or our decorative rooster pitcher, made in Portugal.

Delivering romantic, memorable gifts is what we do best. To find more fashionable flowers and other Valentine ideas, click here.

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14.



Loving You Lilies for Valentine’s Day

January 27th, 2016


Introducing the new Loving You Lilies just in time for Valentine’s Day. As we all know Roses are the “It Flower” when it comes to February 14th floral deliveries BUT we also know there’s a large legion of Lily Lovers out there. We set out to create a romantic bouquet, a celebration of love, and this bouquet has captured our hearts since its inception. We loved it so much the star-shaped lily bouquet now graces the cover of our January catalog.  Loving You Lilies can be gifted to wives, girlfriends, parents, grandparents and even best friends who might be feeling a little lonely on Valentine’s Day. The long-lasting blooms are easy to arrange – even guys can create this gorgeous bouquet in minutes.

Watching the lilies open day after day makes this Valentine’s Day present a star. We hope you’ll enjoy Loving You Lilies too. Share your photos with us.

Add 3 shades of pink to your day.

January 8th, 2016
Pink Goddess Bouquet

Pink Goddess Bouquet

There’s nothing like starting the new year off with a shock of pink color. Our unabashedly feminine mix of roses combines three varieties (Pink Majolica, Priceless, and Hot Lady) with rich green Israeli ruscus and showcases three divine shades of pink. It makes a perfect birthday bouquet or a golden anniversary gift.


+ Roses
+ Spray Roses
+ Israeli Ruscus
+ Golden Pedestal Vase

Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 21st, 2015
Fresh Pomegranate Centerpiece

Fresh Pomegranate Centerpiece

With the Christmas holiday only 3 days away it’s time we’re still stocked with plenty of fresh bouquets, blooming plants and fragrant centerpieces and wreaths. Here’s 3 floral designs sure to make a BIG impression this Holiday season.


Winter Garden Bouquet

Check out all of our beautiful holiday offerings at CalyxFlowers.com.

succulent ring

Let It Glow Succulent Candle Ring


Fall Floral Inspiration: Sunflowers & Blue Hydrangea

November 13th, 2015

Fresh Bouquets!

Fall brings color and we’re obsessed with it! Billowy hydrangea in light shades of blue makes a stunning contrast to orange spray roses, pods and greenery. Bright pops of yellow sunflowers complete the Fresh Harvest Bouquet’s seasonal look. It’s ready for display in kitchen, family room or entryway.


+ Hydrangea
+ Spray Roses
+ Mini Sunflowers
+ Scabiosa Pods
+ Hypericum Berries
+ Mercury glass vase

Fresh Harvest Bouquet

Fall into Autumn with our Newest Catalog

September 9th, 2015


Autumn is right around the corner. The crisp air. The colorful landscape. The harvest.

We gathered inspiration from everything autumn to present our Flower Lovers with a array of show-stopping floral designs that celebrate the season’s abundance. In a bow to tradition, we’re featuring the brilliant Autumn Glow Orchids on our cover. Customers have told us year after year how this trio of exotic orchids makes the perfect gift to give during the months of September and October. We’ve paired the bouquet with an amber apothecary inspired vase.

Look for your catalog in this week’s mail.


August 21st, 2015

4K1K000326_ENV_md (1)

Of course, Calyx Flowers is known for gorgeous, luxury flowers and blooming plants. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve added extra-special floral finds to our assortment like the new 3 Months of Candles gift program featuring fantastic, flower-inspired fragrances.

The 3-month subscription delivers a large, three-wick candle in an artful tin by K. Hall Designs each month. The hand-poured, vegetable wax candles are proudly made in Missouri. Gift recipients can expect a long-lasting, rich sensory experience. It makes a perfect gift for birthdays or anniversaries.


  • delicate, heady Peony
  •  warm, earthy Moss
  • fresh, calming Lavender