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Red Roses, Pink Roses, Yellow Roses: The Symbolism of Colors

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Red Roses, Pink Roses, Yellow Roses: The Symbolism of Colors

For as long as there has been the tradition of giving flowers to loved ones, there has been a belief that certain colors of flowers symbolize different meanings. During the Victorian Era, flowers were sent to convey secret messages of desire and admiration. Although modern technologies, like cell phones and computers, provide alternate means of expressing our feelings, sending flowers is still a practiced custom in expressing our emotions. An unexpected phone message saying “I love you,” is appreciated and will put a smile on her face, but a beautiful bouquet of roses will warm her heart for days.

So, before you order your flowers for Valentine’s Day, be sure that the roses you are sending are conveying the appropriate message:

50 Roses, Wine Chiller & Chocolates Red: Love, passion, romance.
Garden Party Roses Dark Pink: Admiration, gratitude.
Ralph Lauren Romance Floral & Fragrance Gift Set Light Pink: Admiration, sympathy, gentleness.
Garden Party Roses Burgundy: Unconscious beauty.
Melody Roses Lavender: Love at first sight, enchantment.
Palm Beach Roses Orange: Desire, Passion.
Tapestry Roses Yellow: Joy, friendship, congratulations.
Enchanting Roses White: Unity, new love, innocence, honor.

While color should be taken into consideration when sending Valentine’s Day flowers, you should also consider the symbolism associated with the number of stems in the bouquet.

  • A single rose says “I love you” and “You are the one.”
  • Two roses symbolize mutual love.
  • Three roses symbolize unity and a new relationship or marriage.
  • Six roses say “I want to be yours.”
  • One dozen roses say “Be mine, and only mine.”
  • Thirteen roses symbolize a secret admiration.
  • Fifteen roses ask for forgiveness.
  • Two dozen roses say “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • Three dozen roses symbolize your romance towards each other.
  • Fifty roses profess your undying love.
  • One hundred roses symbolize your everlasting relationship.
  • One-hundred-one roses say “Please marry me!”

A Man’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

A Man’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Although every day of the year should be used to express your love and appreciation to people who are important to you, Valentine’s Day is the one day when we are highly encouraged to express our love through thoughtful gifts of flowers and candy, and plenty of hugs and kisses.

While women greatly appreciate the traditional gifts of roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, it is always nice to receive a unique and memorable gift on this special day. Rather than just handing your loved one a bouquet of flowers and giving her a kiss on the cheek, surprise her this year with something different, something that she will remember for years. Now is the time to start planning for the special day and here are a few helpful tips and romantic ideas that are sure to take her breath away:

Choosing the Flowers:

Even though Valentine’s Day seems like it’s still a ways away, it is best to place your flower order now to ensure that the flowers will be in stock and delivered on time.

Instead of giving her the typical bouquet of one dozen red roses, try something new. Choose a different color or even a mixture of colors. If you are having trouble with picking a color, find out what her favorite color is, or try and match her personality. If she is spontaneous and care free, then choose a brighter color like a hot pink or orange. If she is quiet and gentle, choose a light pink or white. If she is strong and intense, choose a darker color like a deep red or burgundy. If she likes tradition and would prefer red roses, choose a bouquet that has other flowers mixed in, or display them in an elegant vase.

Although roses are the number one flower for Valentine’s Day, a variety of other flowers fit the occasion. If you are sending flowers to relatives, like a sister or mother, roses might not be appropriate. Instead, choose a less structured flower, like a nice bouquet of orchids or tulips. A mixed bouquet of roses and green leaves are a little less formal and appropriate for relatives and friends. If you are in a new relationship and this is your first Valentine’s Day together, then a traditional bouquet of red roses would be appropriate, but if you have celebrated many Valentine’s Days together, a break from tradition is a nice surprise. Splurge and show her that she is still the most important person in your life and send a large mixed bouquet, a large luxury bouquet of roses, or send her the same flowers you had at your wedding or the same flowers you gave her on your first date.

Price And Quantity.
It might seem silly to spend so much money on a bouquet of flowers, but remember that your loved one will greatly appreciate the gift. Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year. Although it’s tempting to cut your cost and just buy a bouquet from your local grocer, in doing so, you are choosing price over quality. The flowers might look okay when you purchase them, but they will quickly deteriorate once they are brought home. Buying flowers from a qualified delivery service will not only provide guaranteed quality, but it will also provide great customer service. If you’re having trouble picking out a bouquet to send to your loved one, the qualified associates are always willing to provide answers and input. If price is an issue, there are always other options for less expensive bouquets. If you can’t afford to purchase 100 roses, a smaller quantity will do. Remember, presentation is sometimes more important than what you are presenting.

If you want to have the flowers delivered directly to her, surprise her and have them sent to her workplace. Or if they are being sent to her home, don’t forget to include a personal note expressing your love and appreciation. If you would really like to impress her, have the flowers sent to you. You can then remove the flowers from their packaging and place them in a nice vase. Show her your crafty side and present the flowers in a playful manner:

  • Find two glass vases of similar shape (square or rectangle works best), one larger than the other.
  • Place the flowers in the smaller vase with warm water.
  • Place the smaller vase with the flowers in it, inside the larger vase.
  • Fill in the empty space in the larger vase with some small conversational hearts.
  • You now have a unique display for her Valentine flowers.

Additional Ideas:

  • Send your loved one a unique valentine through the mail. Loveland, CO provides a unique service every Valentine’s Day. If you enclose your pre-stamped, pre-addressed Valentine with return address in a large 1st class envelope to Loveland, they will stamp your envelope with a short poem and a small heart and send it on its way. Send to:

Attn: Valentines
Loveland, CO 80538-9998

  • Surprise her in the morning by drawing a heart on top of her coffee with chocolate. Add some whipped cream or steamed milk to the top and squeeze some chocolate syrup in the shape of a heart on top and serve immediately.
  • If you’d rather stay in for the night, rent some classic romantic movies, like ‘Casablanca’, ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ or ‘When Harry Met Sally…’ , and lay a blanket down on the floor and have a picnic basket filled with wine and cheese, and a small bouquet of flowers.
  • If you want to bring her on a romantic date, but want to do something other than dinner and a movie, take her to a wine tasting event.

Please share your ideas by commenting to this post below.


Friday, January 12th, 2007


Most people are intimidated by the thought of owning and caring for an orchid because of their delicate and intricate appearance. Don’t be! Orchids are just like any other houseplant, all they need is water, light and a little TLC.

About Orchids:

Orchids are the largest group of flowering plants with around 30,000 species and 800 genera. Although most varieties of orchids are grown in tropical regions, like Asia, South America and Central America, they do grow in a variety of other regions, like the Arctic Circle and Patagonia as well. Because there are so many different varieties, it is sometimes hard to identify an orchid species, making it even more complicated in differentiating between the species that are endangered, and those that aren’t.

Selecting An Orchid:

In selecting an orchid for your home or office, keep in mind the conditions that you are providing for your plant. Different varities of orchids require different levels of light and temperature. If you are a first time orchid buyer, consider the phalaenopsis (or moth) orchid. It requires less light and does well in average household temperatures. Below are some other common orchid varieties to fit a variety of conditions:

Caring For Orchids:

  • Place your orchid in the appropriate light as listed above.
  • Keep your orchid evenly moist, the roots should never be dry. Water once or twice a week, but be sure that the roots are not soggy. Take the orchid out of basket or cachepot to water and drain.
  • Orchids require 40-50% humidity. Misting the leaves or placing a tray filled with rocks and a small amount of water under the orchid will help increase humidity.
  • Fertilize once a month with a balanced orchid food at ½ strength.
  • If the roots of your orchid look overcrowded in its current pot, or the pot looks too big for the plant, you will need to repot the orchid in an appropriately sized pot. Most garden stores sell specific pots for orchids. Be sure to repot your orchid in orchid-specific potting mix.

Lady SlipperMistine Dendrobiums

Combat Indoor Allergies

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

While we close up our homes to prepare for the cold winter months, we lock out fresh air, trapping in stale, polluted air. Rather than installing an expensive, and sometimes ineffective, air purifying system, simply place a few plants throughout your home.

Plants produce oxygen, which is essential for humans and animals to survive. They also act as filters in neutralizing indoor air pollutants. The most common pollutant in homes is formaldehyde, used as an adhesive in particle and pressed wood and spray insulation. When high concentrations are inhaled, it can irritate the eyes and throat, and in extreme cases, cause cancer. Other common pollutants include, bacteria, fungi, pollen, dust and mold.

For More Information On Formaldehyde And Other Indoor Toxins:

American Lung Association:

Plants can significantly reduce pollutants throughout the home as well as provide a general sense of well-being. Just be cautious when watering your plants; don’t let them stand in a pool of water for an extended amount of time and make sure the soil is dampened, not water-logged. This will reduce the chance of mold and fungi forming on your plants and furniture.


Aloe Vera: Good for eliminating most indoor toxins, as well as healing minor cuts and burns on the skin.

English Ivy: Good for eliminating toxins from petroleum-based products.

Fig Trees: Good for eliminating formaldehyde.

Chrysanthemum: Good for eliminating toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.

Spider Plants: Exceptional for eliminating formaldehyde.

Chinese Evergreen, Bamboo Palm and Lilies: Good for eliminating many toxic materials.

Take Care Of The ‘Holidays Are Over’ Blahs

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Now that the holidays are over and the clean-up has begun, your home is probably starting to feel a little stark. The christmas tree and festive decorations brightened the mood, but now that the decorations are back in the box and the tree has been taken down, the brightness and cheer has disappeared. Start new this year and brighten your home with some fresh colors and scents from Calyx & Corolla. Whether you made a resolution to be healthier, stay organized, or maintain your happiness, Calyx & Corolla always has the gift that fits the occasion (or in this case, the resolution).

Resolution One

If last year left you feeling pudgy and sluggish, then you probably made a resolution to eat healthier and integrate more exercise into your daily routine. Sometimes all it takes to be more healthy is cooking fresh meals, rather than ordering take out or popping a frozen, pre-packaged meal in the microwave. Start with something simple, like baking some fresh salmon, known for its high protein and low fat levels and its high Omega-3 fatty acids content, with some balsamic dressing and a few sprigs of rosemary, hand picked fresh from your very own plant.

Natural Herb Garden

Resolution Two

Cleaning out? Did you make a resolution to get more organized and stay on top of your cleaning this year? Waking up to, and coming home to a clean and organized home instantly brightens your mood and makes you feel a little more at ease when things begin to feel out of control. Start by cleaning out your closet. Donate any unworn or old clothes and shoes to your local Salvation Army. Start and finish all laundry and neatly hang and fold all your clothes. Tidy up any unnecessary clutter and don’t be afraid to throw things out. In order to keep things smelling fresh, hang these lovely lavender pomanders in your newly organized closet.

Lavender Pomander Trio

Resolution Three

If you made a resolution to find happiness and romance in the new year, you can begin by embracing the happiness you already have. Start by sending your loved ones an elegant bouquet. If you have trouble finding the right bouquet, a collection of winter white orchids is both elegant and versatile, and appropriate for any recipient. While you’re ordering flowers for your loved ones, don’t forget to treat yourself. A bright bouquet of blue hydrangeas will brighten your mood and entice your senses.

Harlow BouquetRhapsody in Blue Hydrangea

Holiday Cleanup Tips:

1. Label, label, label. The holidays always seem to sneak up on us and we never feel prepared. Relieve some of the holiday stress by taking the time now to label and put things in their proper place. Recycled egg cartons are great for storing christmas ornaments. Check out your local department store for other storage options.

2. When you take down your christmas lights, don’t just throw them in a box in a tangled mess, gently wrap them around an empty paper towel roll or a flat piece of cardboard. This will make it much easier to string the lights next year and will help to protect your lights from damage to the bulbs and wiring.

3. Removing your christmas tree is made a lot easier by wrapping the tree in the original plastic tree bag, or an old sheet, stand and all and then carrying outside. If the tree is too large or heavy to carry outside, you can cut off some of the branches. The smaller branches can then be used as mulch in your garden. Once the tree has been removed from your home, sweep up as many needles as you can before vacuuming. The needles can damage your vacuum cleaner.