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The Blossoming Home

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Happy Spring! I can’t begin to tell you how truly happy I am now that both daylight savings time and Spring have arrived. Here in Florida I’ve experienced the coldest winter on record in nearly three decades!

Now we get the chance to see Mother Nature awaken and bring about a season alive with flowers and fragrance. My favorite thing about Spring is the endless options of flowers available to fill the home. A home with flowers displayed has instant personality and style. While working on a new bouquet for the Calyx product line, friends kept telling me how beautiful and effortless the flowers looked. I respond as I usually do by telling them it’s so easy to acheive the look themselves — just try.

The easiest flower to arrange in your home might be the lily. They are an orante and elegant choice as their blooming cycle is long lasting and their colors oh so vibrant. A single bouquet of lilies can be spread about like natural knickknacks with a grand bouquet of ten or twenty stems as the crowing touch.

Designing with these flowers is a cinch and the results, spectacular. Have fun and enjoy spring’s beautiful bounty.

The Lily: Colorful & Fragrant

The Sorbonne Lily: Colorful & Fragrant

Natural Wellness

Thursday, March 4th, 2010
Petite Butterfly Campanula

Petite Butterfly Campanula

Ever wonder why we give plants as “Get Well” gifts? Sure they are beautiful but what if your recipient isn’t a flower lover? Here’s some interesting facts that may just change their mind and yours the next time you know someone isn’t feeling well.

1. Plants are natural air purifiers. They take in carbon dioxide, release oxygen and clean the air of many harmful pollutants.

2. Studies compiled by the Flowers & Plants Association show that, “when living plants are present indoors, anxiety levels are lowered and people recover from mental tiredness faster.”

3. These studies also revealed that “indoor plants can reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats, and other cold related illnesses by more than 30%.”

4. Plants act as natural insulators, helping to lessen noise, particularly in large, open rooms.

5. My favorite – there’s no denying that plants lend their color and charm to any room effortlessly, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Harmony in the Home with Flowers

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
I’ve always found that Flowers help awaken a sense of tranquility and peace through their beauty. By channeling your own inner creativity you can discover the spiritual art of flower arranging which in turn allows you to bring a natural infusion of freshness into your home. Simplicity is the key. Use a single flower type (like our Amnesia Roses¬†below) and bring to life a modernistic design. It’s really easy to begin – just take that first step. The satisfaction of bringing simple beauty of the outside inside is harmonious and quite healing.
A new rose variety with subtle tones of lavender, gray & green. A new rose variety with subtle tones of lavender, gray & green.