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Hot! Hot! Hot Tropical Bromeliads!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
For Tropical Lovers
Make it hot for just the right loved one with a blooming Tropical Bromeliad Garden, planted with an eye-catching trio of tropical beauties, then placed in a modern design cachepot in a complementary jungle green hue. We’ve found so many of our Flower Lovers are also devotees of these chic plants and here’s why.
Our grower is located deep down in South Florida, nestled between the Biscayne National Park and the Florida Everglades. The hot and humid summer climate along with the mild winters make ideal growing conditions for bromeliads. As they begin to grow they form a spiraling arrangement of leaves which is sometimes referred to as a “rosette.” This gives them not only a unique shape, but an interesting look compared to other ornamental plants.
The BSI (Bromeliad Society International) tells us, “Within the last hundred years, bromeliads have become more widely used as ornamental plants. Originally only found in royal botanical gardens or the private greenhouses of wealthy Europeans, their popularity has spread to the masses. Today bromeliads are more available to the enthusiast than ever before. New species are still being discovered and plant breeders are developing ever more stunning hybrids to choose from.”
Did you know that the most famous of all bromeliads is the pineapple?

Tropical Bromeliads Bursting with Color

Luxury Rewards August Grower’s Special

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Luxury Rewards Mistine DendrobiumsIt doesn’t happen very often, so here’s a chance for you to send a beautiful bouquet at a significant discount. Today through August 19, 2011, Calyx Flowers is offering the exotic Mistine Dendrobiums at a $25 savings. Send the surprise of fresh cut orchids to your someone special right now and they will receive a ten stem bouquet along with our petite amethyst hobnail vase (a Calyx exclusive).

Did you know that Orchids have long been highly sought after, probably for the unusual beauty of their design? Orchid hunters in the nineteenth century collected them by the ton, and chopped down as many as four thousand trees at one time for the orchids growing on them. Dendrobium is as an unusual name as it is word. It comes from the Greek “dendron” (tree) and “bios” (life) referring to the orchids’ epiphytic habit of attaching to tree branches. The dendrobium family is generally believed to contain the largest number of species, somewhere around 30,000.

To take advantage of the August Luxury Rewards offer, click here and use code CFGS811 at checkout to receive your $25 discount.

Do you have a favorite Calyx Flowers’ bouquet or plant that you would like to see in a future Luxury Rewards Grower’s Special?

Resurrect Romance Week

Friday, August 12th, 2011

“The life and love we create is the life and love we live.” – Leo Buscaglia (aka Dr. Love)

What? You’ve never heard of National Resurrect Romance Week? Let’s take a look at this interesting holiday and its meaningful intentions. First of all it is celebrated the second full week in August which is six months after Valentine’s Day has passed. This year August 14 – 20 is the official Resurrect Romance Week. Michael Webb, called by the media “The Martha Stewart of Romance”, established the holiday in 1995 because he felt the need to create a romantic holiday that for once did not focus on money and “things.” Webb wanted people to equate romance with time and attention which was something he exalted on his website, and as author of The Romantic’s Guide and 12 other books on love, dating, romance and relationships.

People in countries around the world have embraced the holiday and have made it a practice to spread the love this week. It’s a feel-good time where you can dedicate yourself to surprising that someone special in your life with romantic gestures big and small. Of course we at Calyx Flowers couldn’t pass up the chance to say that we feel flowers are a quintessential part of the romance department!

Are you a fan of romance? If so, how will you proclaim your love next week?

Resurrect Romance Week is August 14th - 20th.

Bride & Blooms

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Summer is definitely wedding season, and Calyx Flowers is proud to play a part in many couples’ important day. Here’s a picture from a summer wedding last year showcasing our canary yellow Skyline roses, beautifully surrounding a pillar candle. The look is romantic and seasonally appropriate. No doubt the guests felt the warmth and love throughout the reception.

Skyline Roses Centerpiece
DIY Rose & Candle Centerpiece

Today’s wedding flower choices are unlimited for the do-it-yourself bride. You’ll find you can create bouquets in perfect pastel shades and centerpieces of electrifying orchids in intense, bold colors any time of the year. Many DIY divas are also adding sparkle and ambiance to their creations with gemstones, crystals, candles and tealight votives.

Do you pay extra attention to the flowers in special events such as weddings? Are there any arrangements that were really memorable?

Looking for the best summer bouquets?

Thursday, August 4th, 2011
Attention Flower Lovers! Check your mailbox as its time to unveil Summertime’s hottest bouquets. Our newest catalog is arriving in home this week and we have filled it with the very best of summer flowers. In it you will see the newest in hot tropical trends like our Pink Sizzle Orchids and the stately Tropical Tradewinds Bouquet. Each look conjours up the feeling of island living at its finest. And do not forget to check out on Page 11 the new Rainforest Monkey Bouquet – its a new twist on a customer favorite! You’ve never seen monkeys look so cute and might I say beautiful. Plus the bouquet with two monkey pitcher makes two gifts in one for double the birthday delight.

One way to surprise your family and friends who are celebrating milestone birthdays in August to send the unexpected. What do we suggest?  The Summer Symphony Bouquet. It’s a gorgeous gathering of color-drenched florals in every shade of the rainbow. Lilies, roses, lisianthus and more!

The final touch to sending the perfect summer bouquet or blooming plant is to include the Soleil candle tin by Voluspa. It is a beautiful blend of pineapple, organic tangerine, coconut and vanilla. We declare that it makes a perfect pair with everything at Calyx Flowers.

And you know we have to ask, what is your favorite new look from the August catalog. Tell us today!

Pink Sizzle Orchids

NEW! Pink Sizzle Orchids

Sister’s Day is Sunday!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

This Sunday, August 7th, is Sister’s Day per Never heard of this special day? Sister’s Day is celebrated the first Sunday in August each year. It’s a day that honors the special relationships between sisters and their unique bond whether by blood, marriage or adoption. There are sisters of many kind.

A close friend of mine recently approached me to ask for flower advice as she had three sisters and wanted to send each of them a fresh bouquet. It got me thinking about what I would send if I had a sister (happy to say I have two brothers). Since I wholeheartedly embrace color and love vibrant hues I immediately thought of the new Twist of Lime Bouquet. Even better….it had four different varieties which in fact could represent each sister in her family. The bouquet had an underlying meaning and would make a special gift. Consultation complete!

Our August catalog cover

Sister's Day is Sunday, August 7th

Do you have any stories about something special you did for your sister (or vice versa)? Tell us today.

The Gift of Flowers: Celebrating a Life

Monday, August 1st, 2011

The beauty of flowers make them a natural consideration when it comes to celebrating life’s special occasions. Most of the time we think about these events as happy or monumental moments but flowers also play a part in the not-so-happy times that we all face. This past weekend I traveled to the Bahamas to attend a funeral for my dear friend who had passed away after a valiant fight with breast cancer. It’s funny how flowers have played a significant role in both of our lives and it is where I found the most comfort at her service on Saturday.

Tracy and I were first introduced as college roommates. We developed a lasting friendship that spanned the last two decades. In school neither of us had planned to pursue a career in the floral and gardening industries yet that’s where life took us both. For me its been with Calyx Flowers the last ten years as the designer and for Tracy it was packing up to move to NYC to study landscape architecture and design at the New York Botanical Gardens. It was during her studies there that she learned she had cancer and her four-year long battle began.

By joining forces with Susan G. Komen for the Cure in New York, she became the ‘face’ of breast cancer. For the past two years, Tracy’s beautiful photo hung in Central Park in New York City during the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure for thousands of women to see. I had the privledge of attending the 5K event with Tracy twice and marveled at the photo – which was taken at the Botanical Gardens – and showed her surrounded by roses. Flowers were enhancing the beauty of a woman filled with great resilience and determination to beat cancer.

I will forever cherish Tracy as a friend and I will miss her. She showed more grace in the face of such a horrible disease than I could have ever imagined and her strength, courage and fight was incredible. I will carry her memory with me forever. I captured a few pictures of a bouquet of Tracy’s flowers on Saturday. She would have loved them – the color, the different textures and shapes. I know she’s in the grandest of all gardens now, free from illness and in that I find much happiness. Rest in peace Tracy.