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Love Yellow Roses

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

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We’ve always loved yellow roses here at Calyx Flowers, especially in March when we’re on the cusp of the Spring season. Its vibrant hue brings a much needed joyfulness when you’ve had your fill of Winter and the cold weather. The yellow rose always brings inspiration and it brought the Blueberries & Sweet Cream Bouquet to life.

While fashioning the look for this springtime bouquet, I relied heavily on a blue and white palette to coordinate with the darling blueberry pitcher. The textures and layers of the bouquet were incredible but it was missing one thing. After pondering it from just about every angle I realized it needed a pop of strong color. In went three High & Yellow Magic roses and ta-da! The bouquet instantly came to life. It gave it more interest, the flowers felt special, yet it was simple enough to be a beautiful, everyday arrangement.


+ High & Yellow Magic roses
+ Delphiniums
+ Hydrangeas
+ Trachelium
+ Chrysanthemums
+ Porcelain blueberry pitcher


Add 3 shades of pink to your day.

Friday, January 8th, 2016
Pink Goddess Bouquet

Pink Goddess Bouquet

There’s nothing like starting the new year off with a shock of pink color. Our unabashedly feminine mix of roses combines three varieties (Pink Majolica, Priceless, and Hot Lady) with rich green Israeli ruscus and showcases three divine shades of pink. It makes a perfect birthday bouquet or a golden anniversary gift.


+ Roses
+ Spray Roses
+ Israeli Ruscus
+ Golden Pedestal Vase

Getting Ready for the Holiday Photo Shoot!

Friday, July 26th, 2013


The time has come upon us!  Here at Calyx, we’re getting ready to shoot our Holiday catalog for you – in July!  While awfully confusing for those involved, the process is great fun and we can’t wait to share our new products with you.

We’re very busy bees buzzing around gathering vases, ordering flowers, and prepping the photo studio as a winter wonderland. Inside, the smell of pine and sugar cookies are in the air – outside the smell of BBQ and fresh cut grass.  We have some great products up our sleeves and we know, come holiday season,   you’ll be dashing through the snow to get your new catalog!

Stay tuned for pictures, Flower Lovers!

Beautiful Flowers!

Monday, June 3rd, 2013


Hi Flower Lovers! We wrapped up our Fall 2013 photo shoot and after the last shot was taken, we had some fun putting together beautiful arrangements to share with you, our blog followers.  Here at Calyx, we love flowers and any excuse to play with them is a real treat.

The bouquet shown above is simple yet ever so appealing. This beautiful bouquet is perfect for a guestroom or a bathroom.  The container is a French-style bath jar, easily found in a powder room or a home goods type retailer.  It’s always fun to find unconventional vases around the house that will make for for an eye-catching arrangement.

The bouquet shown below is a great example of how to display flowers in a charming and rustic way.  Leaving flowers out around the home in baskets is a wonderful way to embrace the summer and show off your inner country goddess.  We chose yellow roses and Telstar Iris but the sky is the limit for this fun display!  Using fresh wild flowers is another great option, this could also make a great housewarming gift for a summer move in!


The final bouquet shown below is a personal favorite.  The medley of bright colors paired with a simple brown wooden box is chic, fun, and charming.  This bouquet looks like it belongs on a dinner table outside in Nantucket, late Summer or early Fall.  When arranging flowers, the most important thing to remember is to have fun! There is no bad arrangement, pick your favorite flowers and find a creative and free form way to bring them together. Putting flowers together is a way for you to be the artist and display your creations to all those you love.  Take tips from us, get out in the garden, and put something beautiful and creative together for your dinner table!


Top 10 Bouquets for Mom

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013


Picking out the perfect bouquet for the woman who brought you into the world can be daunting – so let us help!  Below are the 10 top bouquets for Mom that she’s gaurenteed to love.  Check them out at

1. Calyx Anniversary Bouquet

2. Mother’s Day Favorites Bouquet

3. Springtime Tulips Hatbox Bouquet

4. Grand Garden Bouquet

5. Bal Harbour Bouquet

6. Simply Lovely Lily Bouquet 

7. Raspberry Swirl Orchids

8. Lavender Love Bouquet

9. Free Spirit Rose Bouquet

10. Cottage Roses

So let Mom know how much you care with a beautiful blooming bouquet from Calyx and find yourself at the top of the ‘favorite child’ list.

The Best Flowers: Happy Easter at Calyx Flowers

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Bunny Calla Lily Plant
It’s a wonderful time of the year and the warmer winter most of us experienced has brought beautiful blooms to our gardens sooner than expected. Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner.
With the Easter holiday in mind we had to share this classic holiday look . We think everyone will love it. It’s the new Bunny Calla Lily Plant at and we’re giving  it “Best Flower” for the week. Don’t you just love a beautiful bunny rabbit? Aren’t calla lilies so intriguing? When we incorporated the two together it turned into a true celebration of Easter!
Although the “Easter Bunny” part of the holiday is separate from the Christian tradition of honoring the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead, we like that we’ve filled it with a calla lily. White callas are believed to be a symbol of Jesus’ Resurrection, as the shape of the blooms bear a resemblance of trumpets, and the trumpets stand for victory.
So there you have it. The bunny gets best flower. Happy Easter!

The Best Flowers: Walt Disney World Style

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The Best Flowers winner this week brings us a total floral experience for all the senses.

Best Flower is awarded to our friends at Walt Disney World as the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival sprouts into full bloom. This year’s event is all about flowers and is being presented by HGTV which makes it extremely popular for the flower and gardening enthusiast as a full series of educational and designer presentations are planned through May 20,2012.

We love this time of year at Disney because flowers are the focus. What could be better than finding a Tinkerbell topiary as you meander through the park? Our must-see, the Bambi Butterfly House!

Best Flower in Creative Catalogs

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Lilly in Bloom

Natural Floral Inspiration
Natural Floral Inspiration

Being that Calyx Flowers was founded as a direct-from-grower flower catalog back in 1988, we love to see how different catalog companies use flowers in their catalog layouts. With that in mind, this week’s “Best Flower” goes to two catalogers who we think really used flowers to bring beauty and life to their product pages.

First we have Tea whose tag line is “for little citizens of the world.” This creative cataloger used fresh flowers in the hair styles of many of their darling models. We love the orchid ensemble of phalaenopsis and cymbidiums with greens that graced the March cover model. Fresh-cut orchids have always been a Calyx Flowers’ customer favorite and we wonder if our customers might use the blooms to fashion a new ‘do. 

Next up we have the vivacious Lilly Pulitzer whose Spring 2012 catalog was flower fierce. Titled “Lilly in Bloom”, this cataloger used flowers throughout the pages in bright hues of hot pink and green. A background of lush of peonies really caught our attention and added a lot of drama to their fashion designs in our opinion. Well done!

Best Flower at the 2012 Oscars

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
Each Wednesday Calyx Flowers is going to highlight the very best in flowers. It could be an elaborate floral display in London or a simple but eye-catching way to use flowers that we think is brilliant. It could be the floral pattern from a high fashion designer to a lively look at flowers from an obscure artist. We encourage all of our Flower Lovers to get involved and submit ideas for this new, weekly blog post. Read on to find out who was awarded the very first “Best Flower”!
Stacy Keibler in Marchesa at the 2012 Academy Awards

And the “Best Flower” at the 2012 Academy Awards goes to….Stacy Kiebler. George Clooney’s date to the Oscars this year wore a stunning gold Marchesa gown. The floor length creation was simply spectacular as the rouching in the gown was designed into the shape of a flower at the side of her waist. It was unexpected and we loved it.

Remember, we would love to hear from all of our readers. Send us your ideas for “Best Flower” today.