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Send Flowers Online to Spread Holiday Cheer!

Friday, December 1st, 2006

As the holiday season nears, the days become shorter and the list of to-dos become longer. In the bustle of preparing your home for guests, let Calyx & Corolla Luxury Flowers take care of your holiday trimmings with their beautiful array of christmas flowers, christmas wreaths, christmas garland and christmas roses.

Nothing sets a table like a beautiful arrangement of holiday flowers. Whether it’s a small family gathering in the country, or a large, extravagant, city soiree, there is sure to be an arrangement that accents your setting perfectly.

This holiday season let Calyx & Corolla inspire you. The fragrant and colorful displays of flowers will be sure to send your senses on a wild adventure into lands of sugar plums and snowflakes. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

*For a simple country setting, center a fresh green wreath on your table and place an arrangement of pillar candles in the center. For added color, scatter sprigs of poinsettia around the top of the wreath.

*For a simple contemporary setting, place a small arrangement of red roses on the center of your table and accent with silver dinnerware.

*For a more formal setting, an arrangement of red calla lilies or orchids with fresh greens will be sure to impress.

Flower Fact: Exercise Care When Ordering Poinsettias

Poinsettias can be poisonous to animals if ingested, so if you own a cat or dog, be sure to place your poinsettias out of reach of your pets.

Winter Blues? Order Flowers Now!

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Every February 2nd as we hear the news that Punxsutawney Phil has once again been startled by his shadow, we find ourselves asking, “just when will winter finally release its chilly grip?” Trading winter wonderlands for sunny shores becomes not a want, but a need, and we venture to faraway places for an essential dose of summer and the warmer days we so anxiously await.

Escaping the winter blues is indeed a must this time of year, but such travels needn’t mean scads of suitcases and a timely itinerary. This year, as the symptoms of cabin fever set in, we invite you to take a virtual vacation via the beauty of botanicals.

    Cabin Fever Cures: Send and Buy Flowers Online
  • Anthuriums ~ Captivating with eye-popping shades like melon green and flamingo pink, these spectacular flowers take you straight to the tranquility of the tropics.
  • Hydrangeas ~ Known for their large, multi-blossom blooms and lush, dark green foliage, hydrangeas recall a quaint cottage in the country unlike any other.
  • Ecuadorian Roses ~ Ranging in shades from sunshine yellow to scarlet, these large, picture-perfect roses re-energize with the romance and radiance of a South American sunset.
  • Orchids ~ Exotic and intriguing, orchids embody the beauty of the Orient and set minds free on a journey to the South China Sea.
  • Tulips ~ Blanketing acres of Dutch countryside, these quintessential springtime flowers delight with their pastel palette and send onlookers on a trip to picturesque Holland.

Filling a room with beauty and brightness, a stunning selection of the most brilliant blooms can transport its beholder to any place he or she desires. So as spring approaches, fill your home with fresh-cut flowers and bid winter woes farewell.

Flower Fact
When introduced to European botanists in 1788, the hydrangea was inordinately mysterious, changing hues from pink to blue. It was later discovered that this change was caused by the soil’s pH level.

Share Kindness in Your Day by… brushing the new-fallen snow from a family member’s, roommate’s, or coworker’s car.