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Spring is Almost Here! Wait, is it?

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013


The first day of Spring is Wednesday, March 20th, which is right around the corner!  However, if you live in the Northeast you’ll know that the conditions are anything but Springlike – there’s a huge snowstorm coming our way so most of us will spend the first day of Spring shoveling our driveways or snowed in.  It doesn’t seem like we’ll be celebrating Wednesday by getting out into our gardens, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring flowers into our home.

Even if the weather is less than quintessential spring (we DO expect the snow to melt soon though Mother Nature, we’d like singing bluebirds and blooming forsythia at your earliest convenience.  Some of us have long awaited picnic plans to execute and have just about had it with heavy down jackets), we can still bring Spring inside!  Calyx has a Spring Collection that reminds us Easter is on the way, and Summer is not far behind it. All About Spring Bouquet is perfect to brighten your home and Powder Pink Peony Bouquet looks great in a window – be it snow or shine.

So, let’s encourage the weather to get warmer by bringing Spring inside our homes – hopefully the outdoors will want to catch up and bloom soon!

Wedding Flowers

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Planning a wedding can be stressful.  There is a lot to think about regarding decor, venue, wedding party, groom choice, the list goes on.  Our experience at Calyx Flowers has really shown us that once you figure out what type of floral motif you want on your big day, the rest falls into place easily.  That might sound silly and expected coming from a floral company, but flowers are found all over weddings – not just in centerpieces on the tables.  In the bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the groom’s lapel, on the bride’s dress, in the bride’s hair, along the aisle, in a flower girl’s basket, on the alter, in the chuppa, on the cake, on the tables, during cocktail hour, hanging from tents and ceilings  on the back of chairs, and really, any place you can think.  Weddings really are floral events.

So, once you figure out what type of floral designs you’re interested in, the rest of the planning should be a piece of cake. Hydrangeas, Peonies, Roses, and Lily of the Valley are typically popular choices for Weddings – colors are generally soft, romantic, and feminine.  Calla Lilies also make for beautiful bouquets or centerpieces.  Some brides opt for something more dramatic, choosing a pallet of dark reds to accent the whites and creams found elsewhere in the decor.  Do you want your centerpieces to make a bold statement or softly cascade across the tables?  You want your wedding to be representative of you and your style, so think about what colors you gravitate towards in your daily life.  Do you wear red lipstick?  Maybe maroon or red hues peppered in your centerpieces, bridesmaid decor, and bridal bouquet would suit your fancy.  Do you wear a lot of black?  Black vases are a chic and classic wedding staple.  Are you more of a chapstick and jeans girl? If that’s the case, perhaps a rustic wedding with lavender and taupe tones would be right for you.  Did you grow up in polos and spend summers at the country club?  Navy blues with white Calla Lilies are an elegant choice for a tasteful upscale wedding.

The Calyx Flowers team took the time to put together a Pinterest board of wedding flowers that inspire us.  Although we find it’s best not to replicate someone else’s wedding, it’s certainly encouraged to find inspiration from other peoples beautiful and happy events. We invite you to take a look at the board and let us know what you think!  Weddings are joyous events, so no need to stress, start with the flowers and let the rest unfold.

Winter Blues? Order Flowers Now!

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Every February 2nd as we hear the news that Punxsutawney Phil has once again been startled by his shadow, we find ourselves asking, “just when will winter finally release its chilly grip?” Trading winter wonderlands for sunny shores becomes not a want, but a need, and we venture to faraway places for an essential dose of summer and the warmer days we so anxiously await.

Escaping the winter blues is indeed a must this time of year, but such travels needn’t mean scads of suitcases and a timely itinerary. This year, as the symptoms of cabin fever set in, we invite you to take a virtual vacation via the beauty of botanicals.

    Cabin Fever Cures: Send and Buy Flowers Online
  • Anthuriums ~ Captivating with eye-popping shades like melon green and flamingo pink, these spectacular flowers take you straight to the tranquility of the tropics.
  • Hydrangeas ~ Known for their large, multi-blossom blooms and lush, dark green foliage, hydrangeas recall a quaint cottage in the country unlike any other.
  • Ecuadorian Roses ~ Ranging in shades from sunshine yellow to scarlet, these large, picture-perfect roses re-energize with the romance and radiance of a South American sunset.
  • Orchids ~ Exotic and intriguing, orchids embody the beauty of the Orient and set minds free on a journey to the South China Sea.
  • Tulips ~ Blanketing acres of Dutch countryside, these quintessential springtime flowers delight with their pastel palette and send onlookers on a trip to picturesque Holland.

Filling a room with beauty and brightness, a stunning selection of the most brilliant blooms can transport its beholder to any place he or she desires. So as spring approaches, fill your home with fresh-cut flowers and bid winter woes farewell.

Flower Fact
When introduced to European botanists in 1788, the hydrangea was inordinately mysterious, changing hues from pink to blue. It was later discovered that this change was caused by the soil’s pH level.

Share Kindness in Your Day by… brushing the new-fallen snow from a family member’s, roommate’s, or coworker’s car.