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Beat the Winter Blues

Monday, January 28th, 2013


Winter can be a difficult time of year.  Everything is covered in ice, most days are grey, nothing is blooming except cabin fever, and you forget what feeling hot is like.  You spend most of your time indoors catching up on tv and books itching for the warmth of the sun.  It’s easy to slip into a winter funk.  We’ve all been there.

But, being inside all the time does not mean you have to surrender to days feeling down.  Spruce up the place you spend your time in – your home!  Take pride in your winter hibernation by making your home beautiful inside and out.  A bouquet or a centerpiece can make a big difference in a room and in a day!  Maybe send one to a friend who you know has been feeling beat down by winter.  Once your environment is cheerier, you’ll be able to enjoy being stuck inside!  Curl up with a book and a cup or tea or plan a fun craft project for the kids to do after school.  Enjoy the beauty of your home and all the warmth it provides.

Have a Festive New Year’s!

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Tis the season to take down the wreaths and garlands, to take down the ornaments, to wear our new sweaters as we clean the house.  Removing decorations can feel a bit grim so it’s important to not leave your home devoid of festivity.  New Year’s can be a fun holiday to decorate for so try sprucing up your home with gold, white, and blue.  After New Year’s comes Valentine’s Day where our homes will be adorned with reds and pinks.
To beat the post Christmas blues, make sure there’s not a gaping hole where wreaths used to be.  Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean your door has to be naked and your tables flowerless.  Embrace New Year’s as an excuse to decorate and don’t let your home be without some pizzazz!

Spreading Kindness and Joy

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Snow Angel Bouquet


In light of recent events, it’s not unusual to think of the world as a scary place.  At Calyx Flowers, our hearts and prayers are with the people of Newtown as they attempt to cope with a devastating situation.

In times like this, it’s important to take time to notice the great amount of light that lives in the world as well.  People have come together to help the people of Newtown in whatever way they can.  Earlier this year, New Yorkers opened their homes to people who were suffering from the affects of Hurricane Sandy.  Overall, human nature is good and people want to share that.  This holiday season, let your good nature shine through during a difficult time.  Hug your children, your parents, your neighbors and let them know you care.  Send a bouquet to a family in need of comfort or make cookies for your own family.  There are so many ways to spread joy and let the true spirit of the season ring out.  In the way you can, contribute to human kindness during a time when the world needs as much as it can get.

Saying “Merry Christmas”

Monday, December 10th, 2012

The Christmas season is a favorite here at Calyx Flowers. There’s something in the air that makes the world seem just a little brighter, slightly kinder, and brimming with cheer. Generosity is celebrated and people wear their hearts on their sleeves, it is truly a magical time. Being Flower Lovers, it’s not just the warm fuzzy feeling we get when we think about gifts under the tree and a perfectly viable excuse to eat as many cookies as we’d like that makes Christmas special to us, it’s the bountiful amount of seasonal flowers and plants that will adorn our homes.

Della Robbia Centerpiece

Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like poinsettias, centerpieces and wreaths of made of evergreen, holly, mistletoe, and luscious red roses peppered with green berries and leaves. We love the excuse to fill our homes with the colors and smells that come around just once a year. The holidays are the perfect time to decorate your home with whatever reminds you of the most wonderful time of the year. Perhaps it’s a nativity set, childhood ornaments, stockings hanging in front of a roaring fire, or just the sound of family gathered under the same roof. Whatever it is, bring along a little extra cheer with a plant or bouquet from Calyx.

100 Holiday Roses & Wine Chiller

Black Friday!

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Avoid the crowded shopping lines & still receive an amazing free gift at on Black Friday.

Bring on the holiday season! We’re ready to get blooming at Calyx Flowers with an exhilirating array of new Christmas designs, Hanukkah flowers and festive holiday plants. That means easy gift-giving for everyone on your list whether it be family, friends or business associates.

Our designer loves to send our Holiday Joy Orchid as a thank you gift and even totes it along to holiday parties for the hostess.  You can send this and any other Calyx offering now through midnight with the added extra bonus of FREE SHIPPING. Simply use code CFFRIENDS when you checkout.

Holiday Joy Orchid

Plus, you could win a LUXURY BOUQUET from Calyx Flowers when you sign up for our Luxury Rewards email program. It’s a great time to join so you can get in on all our limited-time holiday specials and savings offers. A new bouquet winner is selected every month. Click here for all the info you need to enter.

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Thanksgiving is nearly a week away and we’re starting to make a list of things we are so grateful for that make our lives unique and exciting. Everyone has something that they are thankful for, be it friends, family, health, fortune, or turkey. Our list is long and on the top of it is Mother Nature for giving us the most beautiful place to live our lives. She has provided an amazing frame for people to live, love, and give inside of. At this time of year, when the world is ablaze with foliage, she makes herself easy to be grateful for.

We’d like to know what our readers and customers will have on their thanksgiving table aside from turkey and stuffing. Mother Nature has provided ample inspiration, so, what is your favorite thanksgiving decoration? Is it a Cornucopia, is it a festive bouquet, is it a pumpkin themed centerpiece? No two thanksgiving tables are the same and we’d like to know what makes yours precious to you. We’re looking forward to thanksgiving tables brimming with flowers, food, and family.

 (Photo credit: Turkey –

A Brand New Monthly Gift Program Makes Its Calyx Debut!

Monday, November 12th, 2012

It’s the start to a new week so we couldn’t think of a better time to unveil our newest monthly gift program on The Flower Lover’s blog. You’ve told us how much you adore our preserved designs which include beautiful wreaths and centerpieces, cute heart swings and decorative swags. This led us to create a way to enjoy these beauties year round. It’s pretty fabulous when you think about how much fun you’ll have changing out the designs month after month in your home. Our guess is that you’ll be waiting for the doorbell to ring each month!

What do you think? Great gift to give or would you rather be the recipient? We would love to hear from our Flower Lovers.

Flowers in High Fashion

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Here at Calyx Flowers, we’re not the only ones who are constantly inspired by flora and fauna – we often see beautiful blooms gracing the pages of high fashion magazines, like Harper’s Bazaar.  The dresses shown below are features from HB, created by talented Italian designer, Giambattista Valli, and we couldn’t be more pleased to see flowers taking center stage in fall couture collections.  They’re celebrated here in both pattern and form of these tailored yet organically shaped pieces.

If you’re a flower fanatic, like you know we are, why not wear your passion on your sleeve – literally.  Flower prints and styles are a fun and refreshing way to show your flower power and spruce up your wardrobe.  So remember, flowers don’t just re-energize your home, they are a chic way to feel beautiful when you leave as well.  Pick up a fashion magazine today and see if your favorite flower made it’s way to the glossy pages where high couture reigns.  Calyx loves flowers – and couture!

From Harper’s Bazaar Oct 2012

The Trick to Halloween Flowers

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Happy Halloween Bouquet

New! Trick-or-Treat Wreath

Halloween isn’t just a time for candy, fright, and costumes.  It’s also a time for unique and exciting arrangements to adorn the ins and outs of your home.  Our new orange and purple Trick-or-Treat Wreath is a preserved delight filled with maple leaves, statice, and black phalaris that will welcome trick-or-treaters and turn your neighbors witch-green with envy.  Or a bouquet of vibrant orange Circus roses and Asiatic lilies like our Happy Halloween Bouquet will serve as a stylish reminder of the natural beauty the season holds.  Whether it’s tricks or it’s treats, show your guests your home is the most fantastically florally festive on the block.

What makes Fall special to you?

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Whether it’s the crunch of newly fallen leaves beneath your feet or the smell of apple cider in the air, autumn’s unique qualities tend to elicit all sorts of sentiments from us.  It’s the seasons changing, another year passed, and more things to be thankful for.  Fall certainly is beautiful in more way than one, but the aesthetic glow around September and October is something really extraordinary.  At Calyx, it’s important for us to create bouquets that mimic and emphasize the natural beauty that’s happening all around us.

So, we’d like to ask our customers, what makes fall special to you?  Is it the smell in the air or the color in the trees?  Is it the excitement of the year to come or pride in what last year accomplished?  Let us know so we can encompass all that makes Fall so amazing into our bouquets and arrangements.  Giving a floral reminder of why you love Fall to someone you love is a very special gift, indeed.

Autumn Glow Orchids