August 13th, 2015
Sunburst Bouquet

Sunburst Bouquet

Sunflowers are the summer-perfect flower. Naturally uplifting, we love their radiant color especially when surrounded by an optimistic gathering of white and yellow blossoms. Makes a great birthday, thank you or welcome to the neighborhood gift.


  • Mini sunflowers
  • Monte Casino asters
  • Peruvian lilies
  • Fuji mums
  • Solidago

Red, White & Blue Just For You

June 29th, 2015


4th of July * Blooms

Get fired up for the 4th of July with big blooms of red, white and blue! If you’re hosting an Independence Day party, delight your guests with a fresh bouquet of our Stunning Sapphire Orchids. The orchids’ appearance is like a firework display of bright blue. For a more elegant presentation, the Linen White Bouquet makes a pristine centerpiece of hydrangeas, roses and Asiatic lilies.

If you’re a guest at an Americana-themed soiree, the Red Blossom Azalea Plant makes a wonderful hostess gift. With ruffled blossoms in a playful shade of cherry red, the azalea can be displayed indoors or out. It also makes for a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Whatever your plans, we wish you a very happy 4th of July holiday.


ALOHA, tropicals!

June 25th, 2015
Aloha Orchid & Bromeliad Garden

Aloha Orchid & Bromeliad Garden

Hello * Tropical * Flowers

More than your average flower, tropicals make their presence known with a great big “Hello”, especially when summertime arrives.  Exotic offerings like our Aloha Orchid & Bromeliad Garden radiate warmth and sunshine. With its luxurious flowering phalaenopsis orchid next to a beautiful bromeliad, the garden just brings that tropical lifestyle feeling right inside the home.

Check out all our hot tropical flowers today. You’ll be amazed and best of all, our quality is guaranteed.


  • White phalaenopsis orchid
  • Yellow bromeliad
  • Natural birch cachepot

Final Days for the Peony

May 27th, 2015
Powder Pink Peony Bouquet

Powder Pink Peony Bouquet

The time of year has come once again. The time where we bid our beautiful friend the peony goodbye. As our shipping season ends, we look back at the flowers’ lovely blooms. We remember the light and airy fragrance that is so unique to peonies. We think about how the fresh cut flowers arrived in tight bud yet miraculously unfurled to become bigger and bigger day after day.

To the peony, we offer a fond farewell. We will see you again soon when you’re ready.

*Calyx Flowers’ last ship day of peony bouquets is this Friday, May 29th.

Fragrance Alert

May 21st, 2015

Let them know you are thinking about them.

Gardenia Bonsai in Japanese Cachepot

Gardenia Bonsai in Japanese Cachepot

There is something to be said about the beauty and perfection of a bonsai.  Small yet stunning our Gardenia Bonsai produces generous quantities of sweetly scented blooms.  It is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of that someone special.


  • a 3 year old plant in bud and bloom
  • light pink ceramic cachepot
  • fragrant

Glamorous by Design for Mother’s Day

May 6th, 2015
Radiant Roses by Calyx Flowers

Radiant Roses by Calyx Flowers

Meet a fun debut design that’s sure to become a favorite gift for Mother’s Day.  Radiant Roses are boldly feminine with a dash of glamour. The fresh flowers will definitely light up both Mom and any room.  Beautifully displayed in our shimmering glittery silver tone ceramic vase.  When you can’t make a decision, this one is it!


  • A mix of four different rose varieties
  • Silver tone ceramic vase



Perfect Peonies handpicked for Mother’s Day

April 28th, 2015
With Love Peonies

With Love Peonies

Pretty * Pink * Pleasing

Featured on the cover of our Mother’s Day catalog, we’ve debuted a floral design perfectly suited for any generation. With Love Peonies is pretty bouquet of fresh, hot pink peonies that balances its vintage appeal with a splash of modern femininity. Enjoy the unfurling of each peony bud as its sweet, light fragrance envelops the room day-after-day.  Stems are beautifully displayed in a mercury-glass-pedestal vase with etched with a foliage motif.


  • Hot pink peonies
  • Mercury glass pedestal vase
  • Sweet fragrance

Help the bee — plant flowers!

March 12th, 2015

Today we’re celebrating National Plant a Flower Day. March 12 is the day that is dedicated to the planting of flowers and looking forward to the spring season. And if that’s not reason enough to get your gardening going let’s think about the bee.

March 12 is National Plant a Flower Day.

March 12 is National Plant a Flower Day.

Plant for the bee

These small and hard-working insects actually make it possible for many of your favorite foods to reach your table. From apples to almonds to the pumpkin in our pumpkin pies, we have bees to thank. In the United States alone, more than 25 percent of the managed honey bee population has disappeared since 1990. Bees are called pollinators. Pollinators transfer pollen and seeds from one flower to another, fertilizing the plant so it can grow and produce food. Cross-pollination helps at least 30 percent of the world’s crops and 90 percent of our wild plants to thrive. Without bees to spread seeds, many plants—including food crops—would die off.*
Bees do more than make honey.

Bees do more than make honey.

Flowers in your landscape will encourage their presence. Plant in clusters and in color. This is key to making your garden attractive to bees. The colors yellow, blue, purple, and white are incredibly eye-catching to bees.  They feed on one variety at time so planting three to four bunches of one type of blossom makes foraging more efficient.**
Now that daylight savings time is in effect and the grounds are starting to thaw, take the time to plan your garden or better yet start planting one. Not only will you enjoy its beauty but you’ll be contributing more to the environment than you probably realize.
* Reference: National Resources Defense Council www.nrdc.org
** Reference: www.ecolandscaping.org


It Won’t Be Long!

March 9th, 2015
Fragrant Hyacinth Bouquet

Fragrant Hyacinth Bouquet

Fragrant * Spring * Flowers

It won’t be long before spring gardens begin to come alive. Why wait? Experience the joy of fragrant hyacinth blooms in your home today. Hyacinths, with their showy florets, are recognized for their intense, sweet fragrance.  In ancient Greece a yearly festival called Hyacinthia was held to celebrate the resurrection of vegetation in the spring.

We’re featuring these lovely bulb flowers in our new spring collection. The Fragrant Hyacinth Bouquet  is perfect for your own home decor or to send as a fun birthday gift or Easter surprise.

  • 12 assorted stems featuring blue, pink and yellow flowers
  • Include our adorable green egg ceramic vase
  • Did you know hyacinth are members of the Liliaceae (lily family)?



Banish Winter With Bright Colors

March 5th, 2015
Floral Gables Bouquet

Floral Gables Bouquet

Rich * Colorful * Gorgeous

No more winter hibernation!  Our newest signature spring bouquet is rich in color and quite gorgeous. The Floral Gables Bouquet was designed to give its lucky recipient a jump start on spring with its fresh colors and vast variety of flowers. It’s perfect for every occasion from birthdays to just because.

Check out our newest spring bouquets today in our Debut Designs gallery.


  • Coolwater lavender roses
  • Brilliant White Star & Lovely Lydia spray roses
  • Euroblue delphinium
  • Fragrant double-bloom stock
  • Peach hypericum berries
  • Bi-color Peruvian lilies
  • Green foliage
  • Gold-cast vase