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Congratulations to our Fair Trade Certified Rose Winners!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Yesterday we were the featured partner with FairTradeUSA to celebrate our adopted Fair Trade Day.  They highlighted our beautiful selection of Fair Trade Certified roses that make gift giving easy and meaningful. We offered three lucky people a chance to win a bouquet of these lovely roses by telling us who they would like to give them to and why on their Facebook page. Here are the 3 winners’ entries – so inspiring. We hope their recipients enjoy the roses!

Betsy Ann Brinson My Mother. I am disabled, and she has always been there for me and loves me unconditionally. She has been through a lot in her life, yet she is very strong, kind, and generous. She always will offer help, even to strangers, and genuinely expects nothing in return. She is loving and never judgmental of others. I can’t do many nice things for her, so it would be fantastic to be able to do something for her as a nice surprise.

Erik Stordahl I believe my wife deserves some roses. Next Monday she has her final CT scan to determine if her ovarian cancer is in full remission. What a way to celebrate! We also run a coffee roasting business that only uses fair trade coffee, so this surprise would provide a huge impact on her.

Gloria Kaley I would give them to my dearest friend,Lisa. She has suffered so much loss and tragedy the past year..the loss of her beloved mother,a brother,her lively hood.Had a stroke followed by brain surgery and has had no follow-up care or rehab,a devastating flood ruined her home,still in disrepair,and now,she faces news on a condition of health that has rocked her to her very soul..she gets the prognosis today. Thru all of this and more,she has kept a positive attitude,been a source of strength and comfort to those around her who struggle and cares for her family and many pets without complaint or hesitation.She has never lost her sense of humor. One of the finest Women I have had the good fortune to meet in his life,I would give them to her. She deserves some beauty and happiness in her life. I would give her the world if only I could. Thank you. Blessings,Gloria.

October is Fair Trade Month

October is Fair Trade Month

October is Fair Trade Month 2010

Thursday, September 30th, 2010


Get the new month off to a great beginning with the colorful promise of making a difference the next time you send flowers. Naturally appealing, our Fair Trade Roses make the perfect gift this October. Afterall, it is Fair Trade Month 2010.

The theme for this year’s Fair Trade Month is Every Purchase Matters which is why Calyx Flowers decided to offer each season, a showcase of Fair Trade Certified roses. And just what does that really mean?

The Fair Trade Certified Label guarantees our customers that strict economic, social, and environmental criteria were met in the production and trade of these roses. The rose farm is dedicated to planting, nurturing, harvesting, and selling quality flowers that bring additional revenue back to their communities to improve the quality of life.  We are offering a collection of four rose varieties – Freedom, Ambiance, Pink Intuition and Chilis.

Freedom Red Roses
Freedom Red Roses

Calyx Flowers is also very excited to be sponsoring a day during Fair Trade Month. Our official Fair Trade Day is Tuesday, October 5th. In conjunction with TransFair USA we’ll be offering a rose giveaway as a way of saying we’re proud of our Fair Trade product. Be sure to support the Fair Trade movement not only by purchasing Fair Trade Certified Roses but also by following TransFair USA on Facebook and Twitter, where each day they will feature fun and easy actions that you can take to support Fair Trade far beyond your every day purchases.

Let’s start the celebration! After all, we think our flowers are like our customers: they both deserve the very best treatment in the world.