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A Successful IFE Show

Monday, June 25th, 2012
Each year as our designer I attend the IFE Show in Miami Beach, Florida. IFE stands for the International Floricultural Expo where growers of fresh cuts and plants exhibit their beatiful flower varieties as well as different vendors that offer products and services to complement the floral industry. An education seminar is offered and I was lucky to attend lectures on the 2012 National Gardening Survey by Ian Baldwin and Scents & Consumer Behavior with Pieter Landman, along with many others on equally floral fascinating topics. Despite the fact that you have to hustle as you walk around the show to generate heat (they keep it very well chilled at the Expo for the flowers), there is a warm atmosphere throughout as you go booth to booth and visit with the vendors.

A Grand Display of Blush Roses

This year’s Keynote Address was presented by John DiJulius and titled, “The Secret to Providing a World-Class Customer Experience.” He was very good and even if you did not work directly with your company’s customer service group, you could  see how your workplace work ethic, attitude and behavior can be reflected in your company’s customer service. It definitely gave me a lot good insight.

Pieter Landman & Mark Frank design on the Center Stage

At the show I learned what D.I.F.M means….Do It For Me which is exactly how some of Generation X feel about gardening or flower arranging in general. The trend trackers were pointing out how its becoming more about “Dad” as men are beginning to have more purchasing power influence than ever before in the home where women have always dominated. And I really got to thinking on how are the younger generations going to embrace flowers as we see a change in lifestyle where outside hobbies and interests are becoming rarer or even non-existent.

The flower displays as always were absolutely gorgeous. Here are some colorful snapshots I took during my time at IFE. Enjoy!

Love, Peace & Daisies

Monday, June 28th, 2010

One of the fun summer business trips I look forward to each year is the annual “Super Floral Show”, now known under the somewhat more formal name of “International Floriculture Expo“. It’s a showcase of cut flowers and plants, growers, equipment, giftwares and more, along with a stellar education program offered to attendees. Last week I had the pleasure of attending my 10th show.

Because there are so many exhibitors showing flowers it takes a lot of creativity, color and ingenuity to stand out from the pack. After making my way around the gigantic expo floor a big smile came across my face. I looked down to see a very bright and cheery display of flowers that I knew I had to share.

Let's give PEACE a chance (with flowers)!

The floral creation was by Hosa International, a cut flower grower with farms in Ecuador and Columbia. They certainly made a statement with their display and I was caught by the beauty of how flowers can make even bigger flowers.

Pushin Daisies

And finally as I walked on to the next booth I was amazed to find a 7 ft tall daisy that seemed to be calling out to me from the Knud Nielsen booth.  Seemed like a good photo opportunity for me as I don’t typically have to look up to too many flowers. Next up….a flower icon.

That's one tall Daisy!