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Hot! Hot! Hot Tropical Bromeliads!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
For Tropical Lovers
Make it hot for just the right loved one with a blooming Tropical Bromeliad Garden, planted with an eye-catching trio of tropical beauties, then placed in a modern design cachepot in a complementary jungle green hue. We’ve found so many of our Flower Lovers are also devotees of these chic plants and here’s why.
Our grower is located deep down in South Florida, nestled between the Biscayne National Park and the Florida Everglades. The hot and humid summer climate along with the mild winters make ideal growing conditions for bromeliads. As they begin to grow they form a spiraling arrangement of leaves which is sometimes referred to as a “rosette.” This gives them not only a unique shape, but an interesting look compared to other ornamental plants.
The BSI (Bromeliad Society International) tells us, “Within the last hundred years, bromeliads have become more widely used as ornamental plants. Originally only found in royal botanical gardens or the private greenhouses of wealthy Europeans, their popularity has spread to the masses. Today bromeliads are more available to the enthusiast than ever before. New species are still being discovered and plant breeders are developing ever more stunning hybrids to choose from.”
Did you know that the most famous of all bromeliads is the pineapple?

Tropical Bromeliads Bursting with Color

Tropical Fever!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
The summer season in general tends to dictate color and warmth and as I set out to visit one of our South Florida growers, I quickly saw how Mother nature interprets this time of year. Tropicals galore!

Upon entering the greenhouses where many of our plants are nutured, I was amazed to see the essence of the tropical climate in vivid vibrant hues. Hundreds of bold colored bromeliads created a festive spirit that shone bright on this hot summer day. Many of you have probably seen a bromeliad out and about. Hotels and conference centers use them in their decor. But what you probably didn’t know is that the pineapple is actually a bromeliad, making it the most well known variety.

Vibrant red, yellow & orange bromeliads

Vibrant red, yellow & orange bromeliads

These tropical beauties bloom in vibrant hues of red, orange, yellow, pink and burgundy. The flower itself is spiky looking and protrudes high above the lush green foliage. What makes them so special and desirable is the “Decorative Life.” Many bromeliads will last weeks to months in flower. I always have a few bromeliads blooming about my home. They are so easy and require little maintenance. I am a believer in the beauty of the bromeliad.

An upclose look at the bromeliad bloom An upclose look at the bromeliad bloom

A little background info for you – They are native to Tropical America. Besides the pineapple, common plant relatives include the Christmas cactus and Spanish moss. Yes, the same moss that is seen growing on trees in many parts of the world including many parts of southern and western US.

Want to bring the beauty of a bromeliad into your home or anothers? Calyx Flowers offer the Summer Bromeliad Garden. To learn more about them,  The Bromeliad Society International is a good source for information on these tropical plants. Enjoy your summer day!