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ALOHA, tropicals!

Thursday, June 25th, 2015
Aloha Orchid & Bromeliad Garden

Aloha Orchid & Bromeliad Garden

Hello * Tropical * Flowers

More than your average flower, tropicals make their presence known with a great big “Hello”, especially when summertime arrives.  Exotic offerings like our Aloha Orchid & Bromeliad Garden radiate warmth and sunshine. With its luxurious flowering phalaenopsis orchid next to a beautiful bromeliad, the garden just brings that tropical lifestyle feeling right inside the home.

Check out all our hot tropical flowers today. You’ll be amazed and best of all, our quality is guaranteed.


  • White phalaenopsis orchid
  • Yellow bromeliad
  • Natural birch cachepot

Daylight Savings Time Special on Orchids!

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Spring Orchid Plant only $19.95


Daylight Savings Special Offer from Calyx Flowers

Being a Luxury Rewards Member definitely has it perks and this weekend is one of those times. Calyx Flowers is offering customers the chance to “Spring Forward” this weekend and send our fabulous Spring Orchid Plant for only $19.95.

This truly special orchid is of the dendrobium variety, yet it surprises with atypical blooms resembling those of the phalaenopsis. Nestled in a terracotta cachepot, the beautiful orchid makes a wonderful gift for any spring occasion. This is a limited time offer, so you need to hurry and shop now to receive this exclusive product and unprecedented savings!

Fun fact: Orchids have long been highly sought after, probably for the unusual beauty of their design. Orchid hunters in the nineteenth century collected them by the ton, and chopped down as many as four thousand trees at one time for the Orchids growing on them.