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Best of Calyx Gift Program is newly redesigned!

Thursday, December 16th, 2010
12, 6, or 3 Monthly Gift Programs are available
12, 6, or 3 Months

Last Minute Christmas Shoppers take heart….Of course, there are lots of alternatives. You could pick up a cashmere sweater. Stop somewhere for a gift card. You could even wait in line and hope you’ll find just the right present. But flowers delivered from Calyx Flowers – that’s the kind of gift she’ll never forget.

Since we ship direct from the growers, ours are the freshest, the most perfect flowers you can find. Choose from one of our elegant gift programs like the exotic Year of Orchids, the passionate Year of Roses or the customer favorite, Best of Calyx Gift Program. Each program allows you to deliver a full year, six months or three months of flowers. We’ll even deliver a handsome announcement card before Christmas to let them know of the surprises that await each month.
The Best of Calyx Gift Program is newly redesigned for 2011. This top selling program is an impressive ensemble of our most popular fresh-cut bouquets and plants. Every month we send the most beautiful designs, sure to delight. My personal favorite is March’s Pistachio Anthuriums because I love their tropical flair. Check out this brilliant gift idea today & most of all, Merry Christmas!

Tips on Tropical Flower Gift Giving

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

With the Holiday season right around the corner we’ve redesigned five of our fabulous Year of Monthly Gift Programs. Each week leading up to Christmas I will highlight what’s new about the monthly flower programs and share with you the incredible new offerings.

January's Orchid Duo January’s Orchid Duo

Let’s start with our exotic Year of Tropicals. The gift program can be purchased for different time frames and prices – we offer 3, 6, and 12 month options. This makes it easy to treat someone special in your life to the world’s most beautiful tropical flowers.

April's Mixed Bouquet April’s Mixed Bouquet

This year’s tropical flowers have been sourced from around the globe. We have orchids from Thailand and anthuriums from the Hawaiian Islands and mixed tropical bouquets straight from sun-kissed Costa Rica and the golden coast of California. Giving the gift of a Year of Tropicas is in short, a year of blooming paradise for your home.

June's Anthuriums & Fern Curls June’s Anthuriums & Fern Curls

What makes tropical flowers so exciting and intriguing are their lush colors, substantial size and distinctive shapes. They are unlike any other flowers and what I like best – they are super long-lasting to boot! What do you think? Are you ready to take on tropicals in 2011?

October's Bird of Paradise

October's Bird of Paradise